Friday, January 19, 2018

New Year, New Blog Format!

Happy New Year!

As 2018 began I considered discontinuing my blog given that A.) I rarely added content last year; and B.) there are thousands of blogs and webzines available now, many of them interesting or written by brilliant individuals begging me to question why I'd even imagine competing for a your time.

But, as a fellow reader who appreciates many of those aforementioned brilliant voices (and who often stumbles upon some of the best of them accidentally) I wondered if maybe a good use of this space would be to post links to my favorite discoveries in the blogosphere here each week.

So, beginning today I may occasionally write an original post, but I'll primarily share articles and links that have either encouraged, challenged, inspired or convicted me, and hopefully, they'll do the same for you. 

If you enjoy an article or learn something new, let me know. I look forward to this next season of blog sharing with you all.

                                Weekly Reader/Viewer List

Read and Pray:
Persecution of the Church in Bolivia

Read and Think:
a Church Mandate

Read and Act:
Just Do It! (the next thing, that is!)

Watch, Listen, Ponder, Pray:
a Word to Women

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