Friday, January 25, 2019

For Such a Time as This...

As you'll note, I have not posted anything here for quite a while. Between Facebook, twitter and other information-sharing outlets, honestly it became increasingly obvious that my voice was small and maybe unnecessary in this world's already super-blog-heavy-opinionated climate.
The news of this week compelled me to once again put some thoughts in writing though, with the hope that if even one person is challenged or encouraged to become proactive my efforts will not have been wasted. The issue that forced my writing hand is the egregious legislation coming out of New York this week. 
Social media has been awash with outrage over the dreadful law just signed into legislation. Thankfully, I have not seen one single post celebrating or approving of it even though some of my Facebook/social media friends are pro-abortion based on your prior posts and comments.
Here are a few things that occur to me as I consider this week’s sorrowful news:
1. The minds and hearts of those who sponsored and passed this bill are darkened. They have no remorse or regret because the spiritual means necessary for them to realize the actual depth of their depravity is not there. So, each time we see anything about this subject, prayerfully beg God to open their eyes and save their souls.
2. It is not just late term abortion that is murder. All abortion takes the life of a human being. This is a Satanic assault against humanity and is one of this era’s clearest proofs of the truth of scriptures that those of us with Christian faith claim as fact. This is warfare of the most heinous, hearkening back to the days of Herod’s demands for the killing of the infant sons of Israel or the Biblical accounts of the heathen sacrifices to the false idol/god Molech. We should seize every chance this affords for sharing the hope of Christ and the grace of His gospel to this dark and dying world where good is called evil and vice versa. We are all alive “for such a time as this.”
3. We must no longer be disgusted without being proactive. In Charlotte, The Human Coalition (formerly the Pregnancy Resource Center) fights the good fight every day. Pray for them, find out how to help them. My friend Jill Blum Marquis works there. Ask me and I’ll connect you. She is awesome.
4. Pray for the many women (some of whom are reading this now) who deal with the heartache and regret of post-abortive sorrow having succumbed to the lies of an industry that profits off of their crisis pregnancies. The numbers are astounding and the wounds are deep. Only the grace of God can heal such scars.
Friends, this is our time to pray, act, care and share. Anyone who follows Christ as Lord knows there are many causes for sorrow today in our broken world— we have an immigrant crisis, a drug crisis, a suicide crisis, a political debacle crisis, a broken homes crisis, an alcohol crisis, a crime crisis... the list could go on and on but the fact is, EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM at its core is spiritual. 
We have THE ANSWER AND HOPE— it’s called grace, amazing grace, the gift of resurrection from death to life in Christ. God help us fight the good fight with optimistic confidence that YOU, oh Lord, are not wringing Your hands but are watching to see who will stand in the gap for the sake of the helpless and lost.
To all my gap standing friends, I thank God for you and I love you. 💜


  1. Abortion is not murder. And YOUR depravity is wanting to see women dead or carrying dead fetuses inside their bodies to term. That causes HUGE infections. You people love seeing women suffer. You don't care about their lives, salivating over the fact that they die frequently in the second most dangerous medical condition for women WORLDWIDE. And none of you false practicing Christians will ever admit the depths of your depravity. Ktbn.

    1. We disagree fundamentally (probably in many ways) but I can assure you that your presumption about what I "want to see" is far from accurate. My own child's child (my grandchild) died in utero and was delivered and properly mourned because this was a real human, a precious life lost to all of us who anticipated his arrival. No woman is every forced to kill a viable child for the sake of her own life or health-- this is a lie perpetuated on the alter of greed and sadly believed by masses of individuals who don't value human life as having been created in God's image by Him for a purpose. A viable child can be delivered early, not extinguished in the womb of the woman from whom he or she is drawing lifeblood. To me and others who hold my view, all life is precious from the moment it is created--yours included. Fundamentally, our world views collide and our perspectives could not be more diametrically opposite, but I do not hate you or anyone who has had an abortion and I don't believe God does either. In fact, I know the opposite to be true and my heart and His break for the lost potential of life and lack of appreciation of its sanctity. If you, however, hate me as much as it appears in the tone of your comment, I am most sorry for you. God's love for you is unending. I wish we could meet-- I bet you wouldn't hate me as much you you imagine you would and I write this sincerely and in His love, Sandy