Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All Good Things...

must come to an end. That's what I've been told, anyway. And such is the case for something that has become a wonderful part of my life for the last nine years. As a result, I've spent part of today pondering what's next and feeling a little blue.

Discovery Jones Expeditions is in its final season. Today, I submitted what will likely be two of the last scripts I'll write for the series--script #'s 147and 148. That's right--I have written 148 scripts and it doesn't seem possible! was quite a bittersweet moment as I hit the send button on my computer.

Being a part of the show has afforded me adventure and experiences I never imagined. For the first year, I traveled with the production crew on location as we trekked through alligator infested swamps, Louisiana graveyards at midnight, and various other places that sane people rarely venture.

Writing these episodes (which I think have now included at least one location in all 50 states and 10 foreign countries) required me to research subjects and topics that broadened my knowledge and perspective while challenging my mind and imagination in ways I can't even explain.

As a result of my role with DJE, I've become enlightened about what it means to experience zero gravity, and I've been inside the Space Shuttle. (not when it was on a mission--just to be clear!!) I've learned about PADI certification and what it's like to live aboard a dive boat in the middle of the Pacific off the coast of Palau. I've watched my colleague and the show's host skydive with the Army's elite Golden Knights, and I saw his pale face after a World War II pilot did loops in a two seater bi-wing plane while he occupied the front seat.

With my team, I've learned about Mt. Rushmore and Grand Piton. I've experienced hang-gliding and parasailing, boat flying, and zorbing. I've seen footage that my crew shot at the Nissan Outdoor Games in Chamonix, France, and I've vicariously ridden to the top of the highest peak in Switzerland alongside them.

I was at the Pentagon two weeks after 9/11, and atop Hatteras Lighthouse after it was moved just before they permanently banned anyone from climbing it. With the guys, I hiked Red Rock Canyon to get the perfect shots, and I survived a self-righting vessel rescue mission with the U.S. Coast Guard. I should mention that I have immense respect for those people and I would never, ever, never, ever aspire to that role...(think "The Guardian" here). Also, I can't recall comparable nausea in my entire adult life.

This list doesn't scratch the surface of all I've learned and experienced, and I know that it's only because of God's blessing that I was chosen to be part of something so incredible. I have loved every crazy minute of it and ask you to pray for my team as they leave for Ireland next week--that God will go before them and that they will touch lives for Him as they work to create shows that bring the message of God's saving grace. Also, please pray that this show continues to be shown around the globe and that children hear the clear gospel message as they watch Discovery Jones explore the world. I won't know this side of heaven why God allowed me to do this, but for the rest of my life I'll praise Him for the chance!


  1. How much change has happened over the last nine years! I'd just moved into the dorms at Gardner-Webb when you went on your first "Expedition!" Since then... Gardner-Webb, UNCC, Calvary, Atlanta, Home, Steven, Wedding, Ava... wonder what the next nine will hold!?!?

  2. Wow! Sounds like such a fun experience and I'm sure God used you and your writing in ways you'll never know this side of heaven. I think of that song thank you when I read your post!