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A bit about me

Married 40 years to a comedian-electrician-contractor who is Dad to our two wonderful children and Pop to our nine GRANDchildren, we like to sit on the back deck and stargaze, kayak and hike, and enjoy the glories of God's creation.

One of the best things about getting old(er!) is having so much hindsight that reminds me there were times when disappointment and disillusionment intersected with some of The Lord's best plans and purposes for my life. Other days, it simply keeps me grounded or forward focused.  Always though, it keeps me mindful of how small I am and how great God is. My greatest desire and earnest pursuit at this stage of life is finishing well for His glory alone.

~John 3:30~


  1. Hi Sandy,
    I just received my 3 copies of your new book and immediately read it. You are truly inspirational, so creative and your love of our creator is so apparent through you book and blog posts. I immediately tweeted my endorsement of your book and hopefully some of my followers will soon be enjoying this book with their children/grandchildren and other loved ones in their homes, schools and churches. I had dinner with you a couple of years back....I am Wayne a friend of Janes, George's sister, and your friend. Good luck with your next book.

  2. Wayne,

    THANK YOU for the endorsement and for your kind words. I am honored and thrilled to hear that you read the book and have recommended it to your friends. My prayer has been that this story will challenge, encourage and inspire children and the adults who love them. I know that only via word of mouth and personal recommendations like yours will this story become a part of many family's libraries, and hopefully God will use it to touch hearts for Christ!

    May you be richly blessed-- and again, I am truly grateful for your kind words!