Thursday, September 18, 2008


I LOVE birthdays! Tomorrow, we are expecting the birth of our second grandchild--Lilia ___?____! Pray for Leslie, Steven (and Ava Grace) as their family grows by one within the next 24 hours.

Next week (on the 26th) Ava Grace will be 1 year old! Time flies people!

And, my life-long friend Melanie has a significant birthday on Saturday--I won't divulge her age, but they make special cards for this one!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY special people!


  1. I am praying that everything will go well with the baby tomorrow. I'm sure you'll update us with the news!
    I like the name Caleb as well...the problem is that I don't know any adults with that name. It's easy to see a child named Caleb - be I need to meet a grown up with the name. Know any?

  2. I'll give you the athletes - but I will say that the manliness of Caleb Chapman is still in question. I saw him last Palm Sunday at Ingleside and I am not too sure that he has the manly look.
    Thanks for the feedback - good insight.

  3. yay!!!! congratulations! that is so exciting. i cannot wait for this little one to be born, so i know that they are just thrilled (as are you!)

  4. Can't wait to see the new baby girl!