Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home shopping

I've never been lured into home shopping on television, but oh how I love Craigslist. I discovered the free shopping website about two and a half years ago when David was looking for a piano for Nichole as a wedding gift.

Since then, I've furnished a nursery in my house for my grandchildren with Craig's help, and I've sold my share of wares there, too.

Most days, I check in just to see if there is a "gotta have it" bargain to be found and it never ceases to amuse and amaze me as I read some of the posts.

Take yesterday for instance,here are a couple of the posts as written:

Opi Nail Polish for Sale!! $25 OBOI would like to sell everything together verses seperating them out. All bottles are in perfect condition, they have been sitting around my house for the past year and I never use them. They are all clean and at least half+ full.

Cash only. Please call (704) xxx-xxxx.

and this:

I am selling a size 12 wedding gown. It is beautiful, the bodice has sequines, beading, pearls and is set on satin. The dress has sleeves that can easily be removed to make it a short sleeve gown. The photos will tell you more, the photos of the dress on the hanger are from today and it has been in a bridal chest that was sealed from the cleaners from the next week of the dress, the other photos where the dress is on my is from the day it was worn. There are 8 teardrop beads that need to be replaced but that is the only things that need to be fixed. I have more photos that I will be glad to email. Make an offer.

As often as there are posts that make you wonder, there are also wonderful posts. I have friends and family who've made fabulous purchases via the site and I'm often tempted to buy something I have no need for just because the bargain is so unbelievable.

So, if you've never ventured into the world of Craigslist shopping, maybe today's the day. And for all of my teacher friends--you might want to spend some time with your students this week on spelling. Sellers of appliances and furniture often seem to think that "Refrigerator" is spelled refriDgerator, and I won't even list all of the misspellings I've seen for "Armoire" and "Chaise"! Happy Shopping...

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