Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love Christmas. It's the only time of year that secular radio stations play Christian music, and the only time of year that I get to see almost everyone in George's family including my many adorable little great-nieces and nephews.

At the Broome Family Christmas gathering (which would make a great movie by the way) we play Dirty Santa. Each year someone undeserving of a "dirty" gift, seems to end up selecting exactly that. This year, one of the nicest people in the family chose a gift in an Anthropology bag when her turn came around. Inside that beautiful bag she discovered that she'd received a bath towel like the one pictured here:

I'm confident of two things. 1. This did not come from Anthropology; and, 2. Someone in the family will get a butt-face towel next year if it doesn't show up before then as a birthday gift.

I just love Christmas!

Ava Grace and her cousin Jaydon

Some of the energetic children with their tired parents

1 comment:

  1. Such a fantastic family gathering:)

    I feel no sadness for the wonderful person who recieved the butt-face towel. I think it was among the top3 gifts at the party. The only reason I didn't steal it was because I was trying to steal a massaging pillow for my M-I-L.

    As you know, we both got the short end of that stick:)