Friday, January 30, 2009

Lost? Nah...

I was in my early twenties when one of my favorite movies was released. I'd only heard a little about Raiders of the Lost Ark, but it sounded interesting, so I convinced George that we should see it on opening night.

At the time, I had only basic familiarity with prominent Old Testament scriptures, and I definitely did not comprehend the significance of the Ark of the Covenant when we ventured into the theater that evening in 1981, but seeing that film sparked all sorts of questions and concerns. The movie drove me to dig in to scripture with the hope that I could get some clarity about what this apparently very important piece of furniture was all about, as well as how in the world someone lost something so extremely valuable.

Today, the passage of scripture is Exodus 25-29, and as you may have guessed, it details the instructions God gave for building the tabernacle, the tabernacle's furnishings (including the Ark of the Covenant), and the crafting of the special robes and attire that the priests were to wear when they performed their priestly duties.

I've confessed in the past that I am not a detail oriented person and that I usually prefer condensed versions of almost everything, but in the case of these scriptures, knowing that God took the time to give precise specifications for all he was asking them to accomplish offers what I believe to be a glimpse into how incredibly attuned he is to the most minute of details.

So, what does that tell me about Him? Well, for starters, there is nothing in my life, regardless of how small it may seem, that he doesn't care about. This God of details cares about every little aspect of my life and yours. In fact, scripture says that he has numbered the hairs on our heads. If that isn't a little mind boggling, what is? We can take our biggest worries and our smallest concerns to him and he will meet us (and our problems) with open arms.

Furthermore, if God cared so deeply about details then, it stands to reason that he still does. That means that every decision, every choice, every intersection we face is a detail that matters to him. It's been said, 'the devil is in the details,' but I think that quote should be switched to say, "God is into details," because clearly, he is.

The detailed instructions for building the Ark of the Covenant were complex. It was the most sacred vessel in Israel's history, and was to contain the tablets of the law. It disappeared out of the Most Holy Place prior to the fall of Jerusalem in 583 B.C., and has not been publicly seen since. Many have suggested that it is lost, but according to The Temple Institute, it is only hidden, and reportedly there are some who know exactly where it is.

I have no way of knowing for certain that this is true, but it's fascinating to consider. Whatever the case, I believe God knows exactly where it is because I doubt that he cared so much about something only to ignore its fate. And it's the same with you and me. He was there in the details when he created us, fashioning us in our mother's wombs, knitting together our innermost parts. His artistry and attention to detail is amazing, and he will not ignore our fate. We are not destined to remain lost--we are not even to be hidden. We are called out to be light and salt in our world as we are being transformed by his matchless, life giving grace.

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