Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Horn Blowers, Control Freaks and Reverse Order Bless Requests

I can recall on more than one occasion having said that I wish I could stick a post-it note on my refrigerator for God to leave responses to my questions. In today's passage, 2 Samuel chapters 2 and 3, we learn that after David had mourned Saul's death, he sought wisdom from The Lord. Specifically, he asked God if he should return to any of the cities of Judah. It appears that David wanted to have God's blessing on his plans instead of making plans and then asking God to bless his agenda.

But isn't that what we are prone to do sometimes? We have an idea, think it's a pretty good one, proceed, and then pray like mad that God will help, rescue, bail us out, or simply bless our efforts...it's sort of a reverse "bless request".

Scripture confirms that God was faithful to answer David's inquiry--and if we're truthful we know that a careful study of The Word will always provide answers for ours, too.

It's interesting to me that David made no attempt to seize the crown, but waited on God, seeking Him for his timing. Sometimes, unlike David, I just want to help God out--to hurry things along so that the outcome I desire is realized sooner than later. But God never fails to fulfill his promises, and his timing is never off. There is no amount of striving or manipulation that I can muster that will make things better than they would otherwise be if I just let go and allow God to be God.

Another very important lesson from David's example is this: It is always best to allow God to lift us up rather than doing it ourselves. In other words, if you have to toot your own horn, the notes will probably be flat.

God must have a daily laugh (or cry) as he watches us struggle to build our own little empires here on earth--and yet he continues to bear patiently with us as a mother watching over her ignorant children. What a blessing to know that he loves us even when we forget that we aren't Him!

Thank you Lord for forgiving my vain attempts to take control and for loving me when I have foolishly tooted my own horn. Help me allow you to do all the lifting up that is planned for my life, and please, don't let me hinder the progress. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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