Monday, April 13, 2009

Joyful Noises and Precious Praise...

I love music. One of my earliest wonderful childhood memories involves sitting in the middle of our formal living room listening to our stereo. Your great grandfather wired concealed speakers into every piece of wooden furniture in the room, and there were actually some albums (prehistoric CD's) in his collection that seemed to jump from speaker to speaker as the music played.

In that same room we had a piano and matching organ. Yes. An organ. I wasn't particularly fond of organ music, but I played the piano for hours every day. In fact, the most difficult adjustment to being married and leaving my parent's house was that I had no piano. George felt so sorry for me that he bought me a baby grand in the second year of our marriage--and until I became a mother my daily piano time was a priority.

I attribute my appreciation for varied styles of music to my earthly father and will forever be grateful to him that the sound of melodies always filled my childhood home.

God loves music, too. I've always believed this, but today's chapter, 1 Chronicles chapter 6, confirms its importance as an element of praise when King David appointed men to oversee the service of songs that were used in the worship of God.

Since I am writing this to you, my grandchildren, I can be certain that music will be a big part of your lives. Both Leslie and David have married musicians who use their talents to serve in worship ministry, so I know you will each grow up hearing songs that celebrate the greatness of our God. I already know that the oldest of you (Ava Grace) loves music, and I am confident that the rest of you will follow in her footsteps as you hear your parent's beautiful voices and instruments.

The people who were set apart by King David were called to the ministry of music--a sacred service to the Lord that demanded dedication, focus, attention and hard work. If you inherit the talents of your musically gifted parent, you, too, may some day be called to the ministry of music and be privileged to serve God by using your talent for his glory.

If that happens, remember this--the calling is high and the responsibility is great. There is no room for egotism, arrogance or pride--the focus must be on bringing glory to God by exalting his name. That was the calling of the early music ministers and it remains the same today.

And never forget--whether you are called to some sort of music ministry or another type of service, one is not more important than another--whatever we do for God matters for eternity and is precious to Him. Like you are precious to me.

Father, thank you for the gift of music and for precious opportunities to praise you in song. May we all always make a joyful noise.

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