Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother Matters...

There is no perfect mother because there is no perfect person. There are however, great mothers--and I am blessed to be the daughter of one of the greatest.

It isn't possible to repay someone who sacrifices so much for your benefit, nor is it likely that words on a page (no matter how illustrative) can accurately or adequately express the depth of my appreciation for all she has done for me.

But truth be told, I know her well enough to know that if I did write the perfect prose or craft a stirring soliloquy to convey my admiration and love, she would blush, and with genuine humility would announce the praise undeserved.

So, I found something on the web that I think summarizes the sentiment I'd wish to share with my own mother and all the women in my life (my precious daughter included) who are doing the things that devoted moms do every day. This song and video poignantly explains that when you are blessed to have a wonderful mom, life is full of "best days"--

Thank you Mama--and thank you Moms. There is no greater challenge or privilege than having the opportunity to influence a life. Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I am blessed to have the same wonderful mother! Looking back my life is filled with so many wonderful "best" days with my best friend! I pray all you younger mothers cherish each opportunity to celebrate all the "best" days that will fly so quickly by! Become your childs best friend!