Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free Yard Sale Update!

For all who wonder, the free yard sale went pretty well. We weren't successful at finding a new home for all of our "treasures," but we did manage to place a good deal of it!

In a few weeks, we may do this again, so stay tuned!

The most rewarding aspect of the morning is that I can report that almost $100.00 was raised for this couple ! Team Thompson continues to do great work in Africa and I am happy to be able to support their efforts, even if in a small way.

The other exciting events of the day included an impromptu swim party featuring Chloe, Emmi and Orry Haun. Orry, the tiny Boston Terrier, chased a pink ball right into the pool, but Chloe and Emmi discovered that their little bundle of howling, shivering, ball chasing fur is a pretty good dog paddler. A celebration of his survival was held on the screened porch, catered by Bojangles. Umm umm good.

To each of you who stopped by, called or donated, thank you! It was fun, and hopefully, the first of many future efforts to clean out and help a deserving cause in the process.

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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK OYU!!!!God bless your for your sacrifices and obedience!