Friday, October 2, 2009


My husband told me a couple of weeks ago that if I was not going to post my devotional notes every day, I should at least write something to explain why not.

I argued, countering that my blog wasn't one that people checked regularly, and reminded him that this is just a convenient way to organize this project that I'm working on for my grandchildren. turns out that maybe he was right. A few friends have emailed me or asked me what's up with my not posting every day, so here are my "excuses".

1. I don't want to include anything in this journal that hasn't been prayed about and pondered-researched enough, so on days that don't afford me adequate time for doing that, I'm making my notes elsewhere for inclusion later.

2. I've taken on a few additional projects that I didn't anticipate when I imagined that this feat was possible to accomplish in a year.

3. I'm enjoying my grandchildren every day if I possibly can! I don't want to do something for them (this journal), but miss being with them--and since I'm blessed enough to have them close by, I am trying to be intentional about spending fun times with them as often as possible.

So...unless something unexpected happens, I will continue to post my scripture journal here as often as I can each week until I've made it through the entire Bible. But if you were possibly one who's wondering what's up with me and this process...other than my usual work and routine, here's your answer in photographs...

Our newest edition to the family, Cadence Louise Broome, blessed us with her arrival on October 1, 2009!

Lilia turned 1 on September 19!

Ava Grace turned 2 on September 26!

I now have THREE beautiful granddaughters who have birthdays within two weeks of each other!

I hope to be the kind of Nana who will always offer an accessible, fun, and skeleton free closet for my girls to explore! I adore them-- and I thank God for blessing me with three beautiful granddaughters. (so far....!!!)

Have a beautiful October, and check in soon, I'll be back!

Nana (Sandy)!


  1. no excuse. get back to blogging!

    obviously i am kidding. your girls are beautiful and so blessed to have you!

  2. George is right. People do check in. But they also understand that you have a lot on your plate! :) I always love it when I see you on my list of blogs updated! love your insight and the way God speaks through you!