Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas. Day 23.

Dear Father,
 With the first Christmas, hope was born. Then, just as today, people longed for peace and pondered the prophetic promises assuring them that someday every wrong would be made right. 
 Jesus Christ's first advent brought personal peace to every troubled soul who trusted Him as Messiah.
In this sin-broken world your children have been gifted with supernatural peace, purpose and promise. Daily tragedies and injustices, sickness and sorrows, would rob our peace and steal our joy if not for Your Holy Spirit's abiding comfort and the inescapable evidence that we are witnessing fulfillment of prophecies made long ago. 
 As we celebrate Jesus this week, we rest in the glorious hope of your promise that "Christmas" is coming again! King Jesus will return and there will be eternal peace on earth and good will among men. Come quickly Lord Jesus! Amen.

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