Friday, February 13, 2015

My First Valentine to Teresa. Better Late Than Never...

Dear Teresa,

This "Valentine" should have been sent to you long ago. I'm sorry it's late in coming, but what happened yesterday begged its writing.

I prayed daily for my children's futures as they grew. I prayed first and foremost they would come to know Jesus Christ as forgiver, leader, LORD of their lives. I prayed I would lead by example and be the kind of mother who pointed them toward the road less traveled, the narrow way that leads to real life. In His time, God graciously answered my "mother's plea."

I asked The Father to keep them safe from the evils of this world when I wasn't there to protect them (and even when I was) and prayed they would love what He loves and hate what He hates. I wanted them to love truth and hate injustice. I asked Him to give them tender, merciful, forgiving hearts and gracious, kind, wise and generous minds. These things and more were included in my prayers for them.

Often, I prayed they would meet and marry people who loved Jesus more than anything else in this world. For my son, I specifically remember begging God to blind his eyes to any young woman who wasn't devoted first and foremost to the high calling of following and serving Christ. This prayer seemed fitting since men are visual and prone to see before thinking! And they can't help it, they were made this way by an all-knowing Creator. Men are supposed to appreciate the complementary companionship and beauty of women, but not all who are beautiful physically are equally so on the inside.

Teresa, your daughter is. And she is, in great part, because of you. You prayed for her like I prayed for David. You taught her about Jesus and music and love and laughter. You explained difficult things to her and held her when she wept over the sorrows of this life. You made sure she was exposed to The Truth and you pointed her toward the narrow way.

Neither of us were perfect mothers--then or now. We are both fellow strugglers who have to fall on our faces every day begging for God's mercy. But we are forgiven, grace smothered mothers who have seen God's faithfulness and now share three treasures-- children born to your daughter and my son. You are Grandma, I am Nana, and we are bonded together by God's glue=LOVE and FAITH and GRANDchildren.

Today, I am so thankful you were there teaching my daughter-in-law how to be a wonderful mother. Watching her yesterday I caught a glimpse of you. A younger you who cradled a little boy while managing a toddler boy and an only girl with tenderness, love and concern. Watching your daughter with our grandchildren blesses me more than words and you need to know how grateful I am for your influence in the life of the woman who is the mother of three of my most precious blessings. 

Regrettably, it never occurred to me to pray for you those many years ago, but I pray for you today--with praise and thanksgiving that you were there training, loving, protecting and praying- as I was- during those critical years of childhood. The LORD has given me much more than I ever thought to ask for. How great is our God! Happy Valentine's Day, Teresa. 



  1. My sweet sister in Christ...I am speechless (largely due to the enormous lump in my throat after reading this!). Thank you for everything! To be sure, neither of us would have the beautiful blessings that we share had it not been for our faithful Father. To Him be the glory, now and forever! I love being Grandma to the Broome babes, and knowing that their lives are saturated with Christ-centered love coming from parents who have parents (who have parents!) that will tell them about God's love for them as we walk through this life together. Your friendship means the world to me...thank you, Sandy. This is a Valentine I will always treasure! Love, Teresa (Where's that box of Kleenex???) <3

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