Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ways to Be THAT Woman!

Follow up-
Practical application...
I recently shared my heart for older Christian women to teach the younger (as we are instructed in the book of Titus) but what does that look like in practical terms.
To put it simply- relationship!
How though? We are all busy and life gets crazy and days turn into weeks, etc...
Here are a few ideas that have served my own daughter when some amazing women have come alongside her as “extra” moms, mentors, and friends. Additionally, I’ll share some thoughts that have helped me with establishing these types of friendship/mentorship relationships.
1. Ask a young woman how you can pray for her. You might be amazed at the door this opens for further opportunities to invest in her life.
2. If she has young children, she is tired. Ask if you can come to her house for one hour to play with her kids while she rests or reads a book or does something for herself. One of my friends frequently asked Leslie if she could just come and make homemade playdoh with her girls (to their delight) when they were little. This offered Leslie a “personal time out.” It was a beautiful gift.
3. Offer to take a younger woman to lunch and if she has children, pay for the sitter. So many young women/moms wouldn’t (or couldn’t) treat themselves to a nice lunch out, but this is a great chance to connect and converse and build a relationship.
4. Send a card or care gift that includes a note of encouragement and a prayer of blessing. How many of us are delighted to find kindness in the mailbox?
Over the past several years it has become evident that in our transient, fast paced world, MANY young women do not have moms living close by. Some have moms who are not believers leaving these women to navigate life without the benefit of an older, godly woman to come alongside her for advice, help, and prayer support.
Most of us won’t change the world but we can make one woman’s life better, and it doesn’t cost very much to be that person. Just a little time and a lotta love.
I can promise you this— the greater reward in the end will be the enrichment to your own life. The young women I’ve had the joy of walking beside bless me far more than I could ever bless them, so it really is true: we cannot out give God. His way is wonderful!
Blessings y'all! <3

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