Tuesday, April 19, 2022


There will always be people who are more.
More talented.
More beautiful.
More intelligent.
More successful.
More popular.
More outgoing.
More funny.
More stylish.
More fun.
More adventurous.
More brave.
More influential.
More fit.
More strong.

If we compare ourselves to others we will frequently come up short and often end up discouraged.
May we who know Jesus as Lord compare ourselves only to those who are striving to be the most obedient and faithful of Christ followers if we are looking for a human with whom to compare ourselves.
And by God’s grace and in His strength may we all become more.
More humble.
More servant hearted.
More giving.
More wise.
More faithful.
More gracious.
More peaceful.
More honest.
More patient.
More kind.
More self controlled.
More selfless.
More gentle.
More loving.
In other words may our highest pursuit be to become
more like Jesus.
Thank you to my friends who motivate me to become “more” by your consistent witness and faithful lives of obedience. I am beyond grateful to The Lord for you.

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