Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blessings and Beggars

Today I am thankful for many things, not the least of which is the ability to get out of bed to enjoy the glorious spring-like summer morning we've been blessed with today in the usually sultry south.

As I was praying earlier, recollection of an event from yesterday tumbled into my thoughts and disturbed my prayer.

While meeting a friend in an uptown parking lot who wanted to share bags of hand-me-downs for sweet Ava Grace, we were approached by a beggar who quickly spun an implausible yarn about his hard luck and needing $35.00 for a bus ticket to Davidson. My immediate reaction was anger--this guy was taking us for fools who were gullible enough to think his ridiculous tale was true. I told him that I didn't carry cash, only a debit card so I was unable to help-- and my friend chimed in saying, "yeah, me too."

He stomped away, obviously as disbelieving of me as I was of him.

This morning, I have imagined a different outcome and regretted my reply. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and do and say what I should have done and said. No, I'm not certain I would have given him money, but I think I would have engaged him in further conversation--hopefully directing him to the help he actually needed.

Maybe he was mentally ill, strung out on drugs, or otherwise incapable of understanding what I think I should have shared--but irregardless, I know if God ever allows me to be in that situation again, I think--no I HOPE-- I will respond differently.

Why? Because it occurs to me this morning that I'm a beggar too--and apart from God's mercy, I have nothing. Lord, thank you for giving me another day and for forgiving me another failure.©

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  1. Fun to find you in blog world! Hope you guys are doing well!