Friday, June 20, 2008

Electric or Gas and Change

I am an electric girl--twice over. My father started an electrical contracting company when I was a child and my husband is now president of the company. Until we moved into our current residence, I never had gas heat or gas anything.

I've always been told it's efficient and warm and cheap (gas---cheap?---not any more!-- but I digress). Last night the evening news showed a house that was blown to smithereens in a gas explosion, killing a one year old little girl and severely burning her parents. That house was less than 10 miles from my own.

The most heinous aspect of this tragedy is that our local natural gas company and fire departments were called to investigate a gas odor in the area and their meters (along with their own noses {I'm guessing here}) were unable to detect a leak, therefore no evacuations were ordered resulting in the drastic altering of three lives in a split second.

Admittedly, there are similar horrors relayed on each evening's news, but the fact that my own little infant granddaughter was sleeping in the house behind ours made this particularly difficult to hear. I thought of how protective we all feel about her--how hard we work to ensure that to the best of our ability she is safe--physically and otherwise. I am confident that the little girl who died last night had parents who felt the same way. They were in their own home going about their own routine when everything changed.

Change. It's a word I keep hearing repeated as political candidates make promises that are in all probability inflated and impossible. It's something that sounds appealing because we associate it with "better," yet in the case I've mentioned above, it's anything but.

I hope anyone who stumbles across this blog will remember to pray for the family affected by the explosion -- two burned parents and one dead child. And when you do, remember that change is not always good and doesn't always result in a desirable outcome. As my son-in-law would say, "I'm just sayin.'" ©

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  1. it was great to hear from you! thanks for your comment and i am glad to find your blog so now i can keep up with you and yours!