Sunday, July 13, 2008


While reading Architectural Digest magazine this morning, I discovered my "if funds were unlimited" style. I learned that I am a glamorganic girl. It's hard to imagine having the kind of monetary resources that would allow ownership of such a property, but I think I would eventually adjust.

Each month the magazine features vastly different architectural masterpieces, but rarely do I see anything that I covet. (I know, I've already prayed about it.)

"My" house, owned by Randolph Duke, is the perfect blend of form and function, light and shadow--and the vistas couldn't be adequately captured by the photographer, but breathtaking is obviously an understatement.

So, if I'm not meant to acquire this hillside oasis, I'd settle for the quaint little yacht featured in the May 08 issue. It's name? Audacia. I guess that sums up this blog about my Sunday afternoon home daydreaming. Audacious.

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