Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Broken World

On Sunday night, the weather was perfect for baseball--America's pastime--and our son's sport. We arrived at West Charlotte's field at a little after 7 and set up our chairs on a hill behind home plate.

David plays for the NABA men's league at different fields, but always at a Charlotte area high school, and although we realize this isn't an area of town considered to be the best, when he plays we are there if we can be.

A little after the game began, a group of six young teens walked up the road on the opposite side of the fence yelling profanity that was worse than X rated at the players. When they reached the area where we were sitting, not only did they continue their vulgar taunting--especially targeting Nichole and me--they threw rocks at us, one of them narrowly missing Nichole.

I won't detail the events that ensued because that wasn't my reason for blogging about this very disturbing incident, but it wasn't pretty. What bothered me most though(other than fear of being killed by these kids who could have also been carrying guns for all we knew) is that I actually saw up close and personal the depth to which some in our society have fallen. These kids were barely out of elementary school, yet they spewed morally reprehensible language and demonstrated their violent hatred without provocation.

For hours, I was unable to fall asleep. I know God loves these very lost kids. They are people who have no respect for themselves or anyone else--no fear of authority--no sense of right or wrong--and no concept of decency. I am angry. I am sad. I am outraged that our granddaughters will likely someday be victims of such vulgar verbal assault. I detest the fact that children can no longer remain innocent for the duration of "childhood" because they live in this very broken world.

I remember the occasional reminiscing that my own parents did when they lamented the loss of a sweeter, more innocent time. Today, I am them. I am there.


  1. You are so right with the way our world is going. It's terrible. I would have loved to live in a "simpler" time. I guess that's why I love the Judd's song "Grandpa" - it makes me wonder how things really were.

    I love to read your blog by the way. I've enjoyed it so much, I started my own! :)

  2. this is so sad and something i think about so much when i consider parenting in these times! hopefully our children (and children's children) will be a light to all of these sad people.