Monday, July 28, 2008

She's Back!

Here's the sign we made to take with us to the airport last night:

(in the small print, Leslie and Steven's names were included on the lower portion. we bought them welcome home prizes in case they were genuinely offended!)

Anyway, it was a LONG week and Ava grew and changed and apparently adapted well to California, but she was obviously OVERJOYED to be home. Can you tell we're just a wee bit ga ga over this little girl?

Leslie, Steven and Ava had an awesome trip and hopefully they will post some of the beautiful photos they took on their blogs soon. I'm just thrilled to have them ALL home--where they belong. ;)


  1. Hey Sandy! I just love this blogging thing and now I am finding so many people on the web that I miss so much. It seems like you and your whole family have been very busy. I think all of this makes me feel old! Go by and check out my blog too (ncbowers dot blogspot dot com)! I just started so I am new at this but love it, love it!!
    Norma Bowers

  2. We have found we are second fiddle now as well to the kids.

    The first time we took Ryan to visit Jeremy's family in FL they made a sign for Him ... um us... well they tried :) It said welcome to FL Ryan and in TINY TINY Print it said Jeremy & Heather too. It looked like an after thought :) We aren't bitter .. we have learned our place in the food chain now that kids have arrived :) Just kidding of course

  3. hilarious sign! This is the true mark of a grandma. It sure was thoughtful for you to include Leslie and Steven. Dad says, "I need to get back down to Macon and see my grandyoungins' - and you too, of course!" I know what that means.
    Hope all is well at your Broome house.