Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just Don't Go There...

That's the rule of thumb I was taught growing up. The proper protocol for polite interaction at dinner parties or social events necessitated the avoidance of the subjects of religion or politics.

I'm glad that my children's generation doesn't buy such nonsense because there are things that need to be hashed out and critically considered in these serious times.

We live in a rapidly changing world where messages are conflicting, contradictory, and confusing. Who can be trusted to tell us the truth? Where can we glean understanding of the issues that will impact our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren? What difference does it all really make anyway? And, aren't all politicians just dirtbags with their own personal agendas?

I hope not. I hear the cry for change and I say AMEN. There does need to be change. And there will always need to be change because our world is broken (it happened many, many years ago in a garden called Eden). To complicate things, only intervention from God in the form of a supernatural event is going to bring about the kind of change I'm hoping for, you know...changes that include world peace, a NICE roof over every head, food on every table, zero pollution, eradication of cancer and AIDS and $1.00 a gallon gas.

That said, we have to be realistic enough to admit that sometimes change makes things worse. For that reason, I am going to try to post for the next several days a few thoughts that I hope will pave the way for lively debate and dialog about a subject once taboo in my world.

I'll begin today with this question: When one side of the aisle sees this nation as the problem and the other side views America as the solution, how will there ever be congruity that results in positive change? These two perspectives could be the text book definition of what it means to be diametrical opposites.

I see this situation as a tremendous hurdle facing the two dominant political parties. Unfortunately, this might even be viewed by some a reason to stay out of the process altogether. Hopefully, thoughtful dialog and serious consideration will avert that temptation because those of us who love this land and its freedom's have a duty to all who come behind us to be informed and exercise the privilege that our votes afford.

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