Friday, August 22, 2008

2 Chairs

This week I found myself sitting in two similar chairs that elicited extremely dissimilar physical and mental responses.

The first was the chair at my dentist's office. He's a nice guy, but he deceives himself if he actually believes that the experience is spa-like. They do a good job attempting to create a soothing ambience, but the minute I sit in that chair my heart pounds and my jaws ache. I have this TMJ thing so I can always anticipate a doozy of a headache after holding my mouth open for inspection for what seems an eternity. I left that chair thrilled that for at least 6 months-- barring anything unforeseen--I do not have to return to dental spa hell.

The following day I went to get my hair colored and trimmed. Ahh the difference. Sitting in Teresa's chair as she gently massaged my scalp in the wash basin, I thought I could hear heavenly harps. It was then that I realized two things. One, thank you Lord that I live in an era of hair dye and hot running water, and two, what a difference a day (and a chair) can make.

Two chairs, so similar, yet so different. I'm actually thankful for each of them, but in a silly little way one reminds me of the reality of heaven--the other--well, that other place.

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