Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Have you ever labored to write something you deemed important only to have God prompt you to keep all of your passionate pontification private?

Recently, I've felt inspired on several occasions to write about things that I believed were significant, even urgent, but without a doubt I was clearly led to send those pages to the "discard" pile.

For those of us who need to write, the process itself is cathartic. One of God's dear gifts to me is the ability to record my thoughts in written form--a blessing that I imagine helps me avoid a psychiatrist's chair. But writing my thoughts and prayers has served another purpose. Through putting the sometimes scary notions that dance in my head into print, I am able to sort out and process life's beauty and bane from a perspective that mere thinking doesn't always allow.

That stated, I'll end this blog by saying that God is dealing with me in the area of half-heartedness and double-mindedness. What my flesh offers up to Him when I am not fervently contending for my faith is a pile of putrid, filthy rags. My heart longs to be the very opposite of that--a fragrantly sweet, fully devoted follower. Would I be sincere in asking this world and all its seductions to step aside? I hope so. I want to say it and mean it--but in the end, my actions will expose lofty platitudes.

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