Thursday, August 14, 2008


Blogging has taken a backseat to the pressing need to care for my sick family this week. First Leslie, then Ava, then Steven, and finally George all battled a stomach virus that began last Friday and held on for days. Nichole (who only dropped by for a minute on Sunday) got it, too. David and I have been spared, thank God, and our dear ones seem to be on the mend--finally.

I know for certain that Steven's getting better because he found the strength to post a new blog tonight. It amused me because he expressed a sentiment that I've been pondering all week--namely, the vanity or possibly arrogance associated with blogging. Imagining that anybody would want to read what I think about infers a bit of audacity I suppose. And I loathe audacity--especially in the form of self-aggrandizement. But still, I blog.

The truth is, I have no idea if anyone reads what I write and I doubt that anything I blog about is going to mean a hill of beans to anyone except my closest friends and family. That said, my personal goal is to record thoughts and events that are important to me so that my grandchildren's children will possibly have a sense of who their old granny was.

Anyway, I've forgotten how to write with a pen. I have become a computer keyboard writer-junkie. For me, handwritten journaling has gone the way of the rotary phone. So, vanity of vanities, I will blog-on.

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  1. i feel the same way about blogging...anytime i find out someone is reading my blog i feel weird at first; for me blogging is a way to have a "baby book"...i try to forget about an audience (if i remembered i would care more about punctuation and capitalization and proper grammar--the english degree would take over!) keep blogging---it's not audacious; it's self-preservation!