Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America Asks for a King

A compelling piece written by Laura Hollis, attorney and professor of law and entrepreneurship, compares today's America with the nation of Israel when the children of God asked for a king.

I've read this Old Testament account many times and it always amazes me that these people who had so much freedom and so much to celebrate wanted a king to rule over them--yet the place we find our country today is staggeringly similar. This article is a must read for anyone who wants to consider the parallels. I'm posting the link so that you can access the full text:


but here is an excerpt:

Americans are understandably fed up with corruption, greed, and perversion of justice in our leaders. But till now, we have asked for no king, because we could take care of ourselves, and because we have always been a godly people.

But look around now – our children languish in failing, crumbling, unsafe, and undisciplined schools, many of which are merely bastions of social experimentation. Our cities are riddled with crime. Our families are devastated by divorce, abuse, illegitimacy, absent fathers, and definitions of “marriage” that fluctuate with the sexual predilections du jour. Our culture – books, films, music – is saturated with violence and perversion that even the smallest child is exposed to.

And of course, one cannot forget – the high watermark of freedom and femininity, and the litmus test of liberty for the Left is the unfettered right to kill our own children in our wombs (or leave them to die outside of them).

This is what we, as a nation, have brought ourselves to. These are problems that no amount of social spending will cure, and any promise to do so is a lie, because no amount of money will change people’s hearts. And yet, instead of reaching deep within ourselves to find the solutions, we now whine and mewl for someone to save us...

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