Monday, November 3, 2008


Tonight, I'm writing a very, VERY personal account of something that I am more burdened about than my words will adequately convey.

I had the privilege of bathing and then rocking my one year old angel/granddaughter to sleep a few minutes ago. Her bathtub giggles followed by her snuggly nuzzling made my day. As I held this sleeping beauty, I was thinking about the fact that tomorrow's election results will affect her future, and that this is the most critical election of my now almost half-century of life.

One of the great blessings of being American is that we enjoy many freedoms, not the least of which is entitlement to our own opinions. A close friend of mine says opinions are like belly-buttons, we all have one and most of them are stinky! Tonight, I'm going to share my opinion that about half the country apparently deems stinky, all the while risking the alienation of a few of my friends and family. So here goes. I'm asking you to vote for life tomorrow if you haven't voted already.

Why? Because God is the creator of life. And, personally--because about two years ago, an unexpected child was conceived--one who could have easily been sent to heaven early because it would have been the convenient choice for her parents who suffered immeasurable professional and emotional repercussions as a result of her conception.

It would have been legal (barely) for them to abort her when she was "discovered" and while the details of her pre-birth story are extremely personal, I do have permission and blessing to write this blog.

The thing is, I cannot find ANY issue that overshadows the issue of protection of all life (especially the pre-born) for us as Christ followers. Anything less can and likely will lead us further down that slippery slope that we're already descending as a society where "value" and "quality" of any life is called into question.
My high school term paper was on abortion and it was a "hot off the press topic" having recently been legalized as a result of Roe v. Wade. I also know a lot (as a nurse) about the process and what it involves. I personally know people who had (and now deeply regret the fact that they had) a "choice" and made what they now know was the wrong one.

Is a child a choice? Seriously? No! Every life is precious, every living human is knit together in the image of God. So, when you pull the lever or hit the button or punch the chad, please, remember that there is one candidate who believes that all abortion is okay, all the time--even partial birth abortion. In fact, to quote him, knowing when life begins is above his pay grade.

I beg you to pray about this if you disagree. God is not Republican or Democrat, but neither is He on both sides of this issue. Some of you may feel there are other pressing issues that would prompt you to vote for the pro-abortion candidate--but please, do what I have done and beg God to show you His truth. His promises are as real today as when scripture was penned. I believe this is serious enough to be in fervent prayer about--His Word tells us that we can KNOW the truth and the truth will set us free.

Tomorrow, I will vote. I will vote not for a party, but for my belief that all life is precious in the sight of God and that we have a responsibility to defend and care about every living human, born and unborn.

I pray that God has mercy on us if we fail to defend the innocent and helpless.


  1. That is and has always been how I vote and voice my opinion. We always have the choice to choose between the lesser of two evils when it comes to the candidates but the one that can kill an innocent child has no place to lead our country! Thank you for your opinion and the courage to express it! And thank you to you, George and Steven's parents that you all raised such great decision making children! Ava really is a gift!

  2. Your words inspire me. Thank you for the boldness and courage to express to others truth spoken from the mouth of our God. I remember the day (like yesterday)that Steven and Leslie were strong and for the rest of their lives, my life, your life and everyone involved in the life of Ava Grace, we are blessed that they had parents and people in their lives that made known to them the TRUTH!

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  4. Thank you. My greatest applause after offering it up in thanks to God for Ava Grace is~

    A: S&L are willing for their story to be shared if it can help anyone or encourage people who need a reminder that our God gives beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3);

    B: that although they were engaged to be married and in our culture/today's world pre-marriage conception isn't considered a big deal outside the church, these two amazing Christian young people publicly admitted, acknowledged, and confessed their sin, and as a result suffered tremendous personal consequences. Since then however, they've experienced God's love and forgiveness, restoration and blessing as few of us ever will;

    and C: that we serve a great and merciful God who gives everyone second chances.

    He has abundantly honored their humility and repentance by showering them with grace and love, and because of their willingness to accept those personal consequences rather than seeking any alternative, we have the joy of a child who blesses us every minute of every day.

    I do not have half the courage, strength or humility that I saw them demonstrate, but I do know this, God has blessed them as a result, and it will be a lesson to me for the rest of my life.

  5. single issue voters take the easy way out, refusing to weigh the many other faith issues that might inconveniently complicate their decision

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    First, I'm sorry you felt it was necessary to conceal your identity and didn't expect that we could engage in thoughtful dialog about this sensitive subject.

    Let me assure you that I am not a single issue voter and know very few people of faith who are, I simply believe that if for NO OTHER REASON (and I believe there to have been plenty of them, not the least of which was the hate=filled preaching that Mr. Obama sat under for 20 years that bears no resemblance to anything remotely Christian that I've ever experienced or encountered) it would be reason enough.

    To me, all life is precious--and I hope that if you are ever in a position of needing total care, no government agency or official decides whether or not your life has value.

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