Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday This and That

First, today's "This"...

To my sister: Please consider "this" my formal and public apology for dissing the song you once loved in my previous blog. I am sincerely sorry I ruined it for you and for any other unintentional insinuations, ramifications or negative consequences. Goodness gracious I feel bad.

I have to share here that my sister's reaction to my blog was kinder than mine might have been if I were in her Christmas shoes. She called me yesterday afternoon to say that she'd just heard a Christmas song about a person who was dying on Christmas Eve and nobody gave a rat's behind (not her exact verbiage) and that I just had to hear it. Point taken and touche'.

Now, today's "That"...

"That" man I married almost thirty years ago is really something. He's one of the hardest working individuals I've ever known--all business, all the time. He usually burns the candle at both ends. Yesterday, however, he was caught monkeying around on the job. Here's the evidence...

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  1. i love your sister. i wish i could have heard her when she called to tell you that!!!