Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I love Christmas music. But...

Two local secular radio stations and one Christian station are now exclusively playing Christmas music. For the most part, I really enjoy it, but there are a few exceptions. I guess there are about five or six songs that are played too often in the rotations that aren't particularly appealing to me, but there is one song that always prompts me to change stations upon hearing its first note.

Before I tell you what it is, I want to issue a warning. Some of you are going to think I'm heartless and hopeless because you love the song and cannot imagine anyone having such strong aversion to it. May I request that you stop reading now? Or, feel free to vent by sending your comments to attack my critique and blast my opinion.

Now then, you've been warned. So just like in reality TV, here's my big reveal. I despise the song, "Christmas Shoes". Hate it. Really.

I remember when it came out a couple of years ago, my sister called, and with great emotion told me that I had to hear this heart-wrenching song that she'd just listened to about a little boy buying his mother some shoes but not having enough money to pay for them--and to make matters more gut-gripping, his mother was dying. She was torn up.

When I heard the song, my reaction was totally opposite. Nice tune, sappy, contrived musical story. Ugh.

If you are still reading, I'll admit that I'm in a small minority. I don't think there are many of us "Christmas Shoe" haters out here, and I recognize that most of the rest of the world loves the idea, story, and concept--so much so that movies and books now fatten the pocketbooks of those who contrived, I mean created it.

I also realize that there are stories like the one in the song that play out in the real world each and every day--real stories about real people who are in similar situations that would almost make the devil himself cry...but I digress.

My point is, the song feels like a gimmick to me. It's intended to make me think (I think) but what it does instead is make me mad. Why? Because it takes the man way too long to give the kid the money he needs to buy the darn shoes in the first place (he counted pennies for what seemed like hours). And, somebody told the little guy that his mother would be wearing the shoes she died in when she got to heaven. Apparently, nobody bothered to tell him she'll have a gleaming new wardrobe and will look perfectly radiant when she meets Jesus.

So, there you have it. I like Christmas music, but I do not like "Christmas Shoes". When I'm contemplating "the most wonderful time of the year"-- I don't want to cry--or think about little boys losing their mothers or not having enough money to buy that last gift. I want to think of a time long ago when a baby was born bringing light and life to this sometimes very sad and tragic world, making it possible for all to have eternal hope-- and even to look beautiful (without new shoes) when we meet Him face to face.


  1. we are SO on the same page!! i too am a member of the "christmas shoes" haters club. i hate the fact that i can basically sing it by heart. ugh. what's a little boy like that doing at a store by himself? on christmas eve? when his momma is dieing?

  2. Alli, if there weren't quite a few years between us, I'd swear we were twins separated at birth.

  3. Sandy!!! You are so funny! I just love reading your blog. To tell you the truth...I don't think I have ever heard the song. I know, I know...I am blessed huh?!? How could this be?? Well, I put in my Christmas CD's and never listen to the radio! Ha. Lucky me.

  4. I wonder all of those things myself! I don't hate it as much as you, but it definitely gets on my nerves...

  5. Sandy, I would like to join your haters club... The song drives me nuts. I have to admit, the first time I heard it I teared up but then after the 5,982,638th time, I just shut the stupid radio off. I however am not a lover of the Christmas tunes. They drive me crazy! Call me the Grinch... people ruin it by playing it the day after Halloween, by the time Christmas rolls around I want to throw a brick through the radio! You started this... I'm just sayin... :)