Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prayers and Psalms...

The evening news brings stories of struggles around the world, evil that is rampant, people who are cruel and regimes that wickedly dominate and oppress all who oppose them. The reports are hard to hear and difficult to imagine, yet as I read scripture, it becomes clear that our news in the 2000's is quite similar to the news that would have been reported in the days of the kings of Israel.

The verses today are Psalm 119: 89 through 176. Years ago, I started praying many of the Psalms aloud as part of my prayers to God, personalizing applicable verses and reciting these songs of praise that so eloquently tell of His excellent greatness.

I encourage you to do the same sometimes. Reading these beautiful words that were written so many years ago is a precious reminder that although evil has always existed, it does not have to prevail in the lives of those who walk by faith in the Risen Lord. What a blessing to pray with the Psalmists, asking God to guide, protect, and use us as we recite our praises to the One who alone is worthy!
Psalm 119:
89 Your eternal word, O Lord,
stands firm in heaven.
90 Your faithfulness extends to every generation,
as enduring as the earth you created.
91 Your regulations remain true to this day,
for everything serves your plans.
105 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
and a light for my path.
133 Guide my steps by your word,
so I will not be overcome by evil.
137 O Lord, you are righteous,
and your regulations are fair.
175 Let me live so I can praise you,
and may your regulations help me.

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