Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Trouble with Men...and Women...

I do not plan to include this post in my collection of writings for my grandchildren, this is just for me tonight. It's something I need to write as a way of expressing my very great burden for marriage.

I have failed to post a blog for the last couple of days because my chronological reading has taken me to Song of Solomon, a perplexing book in some respects because of its different interpretations (is it an allegory or a play, poetry or narrative?) and because I have had difficulty landing on exactly what I feel led to say about the content of the chapters to my grandchildren.

I do know this already though, I will be focusing on the beautiful demonstration of sexual purity that the young Shulamite maiden chooses despite her intense longing for her lover. After all, that is what God asks of us, right? And yet, all around, Christian marriages crumble after the news of infidelity, indiscretion and illicit encounters break.

Tonight, I am grieved for Jenny Sanford, the wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, and her four sons who now face public disgrace under very humiliating circumstances. I do not know her, but she is my sister. Her Christian faith is evidenced in a compelling statement released today that can be read here. And sadly, what can also be read on the Internet by anyone who cares to read it, are some of the explicit emails that Mr. Sanford exchanged with his adulterous lover.

Also in the news this week, Jon and Kate Gosselin, parents of eight beautiful children, and who also claim to share my Christian faith, have announced they will seek a divorce after rumors of extramarital encounters have surfaced. Never mind that there are eight little lives who will suffer as a result of the public spotlight their parents have placed them in, an adult's gotta do what an adult's gotta do, right?

So, is it inevitable that nearly every marriage will experience an implosion of some sort? I know it isn't because I have seen successes--marriages that don't make headlines or tabloids, yet are newsworthy nonetheless. I've watched my parents walk the "for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health," road for 55 years. And they are not alone, others in my life have stayed the course and chosen to love when they didn't "feel" like loving and have been selfless in this selfish world.

In this life there are choices to make and they are never made in a vacuum. Mark Sanford, shame on you for choosing to cheat. Yes, God forgives those who genuinely repent and maybe you have done just that. I am certainly not your judge and I won't even play jury--but I will say this, my heart is breaking for your wife and sons, and I write this tonight asking that all who read these words pray for your heart to turn back toward home and for God to lovingly, mercifully, abundantly bless your heartbroken wife and sons.

Father, save Christian marriages in this age of selfish indulgence--and help those of us who claim your name to be examples of passionate purity and fervent faith who stay the course with your help and for your glory.

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  1. These were my thoughts exactly this morning. It is heart breaking to see what happens when moms and dads take their focus off God.