Monday, April 19, 2010

Where is Tiffany Pate? Let me just tell you...

One of my dearest friends, Christa Pratt, was unable to attend Tiffany's memorial service because she and her family had flown to Pennsylvania for spring break to spend time with family.

Christa was one of Tiffany's most loyal friends and prayer warriors. When I told her that I'd be speaking at the service, she sent me some of her thoughts hoping to encourage me as I prayed and prepared for that difficult evening.

This morning I was thinking about Tiffany, her boys, and Brian, and I returned to Christa's note for comfort as I have many times since April 4th. Because what she shared offers such a vivid reminder of where Tiffany is and what she is experiencing now, I am sharing it here so that others like me who are missing her today might be reminded of the hope we have in Christ's promise of eternal life that is beyond our comprehension in terms of its magnificence.

So thank you Christa, your words are precious and beautiful and you have helped me remember that Tiffany is enjoying unimaginable sights, incredible joy and perfect healing.

Thoughts about Tiffany
by Christa Pratt

I am here -
Feeling the warm sun on my face
But you have seen the Son, whose face warms all of heaven

Listening to the birds sing
But you have heard the singing of the heavenly hosts as they sing "Glory to God in the highest."

Hearing the soft roar of traffic on asphalt road
But you are walking streets of gold

Watching families reunite
But you are reuniting with friends and families long and dearly missed.

Feeling the spring breeze on my back
But you have felt the wind of the Holy Spirit unhindered by sin and this fallen world.

Missing you in the space of this moment
But you have seen the length, breadth, and depth of eternity

Seeing through a veil dimly, questioning why you had to go
But you have seen Him face to face with clarity and understanding

Remembering your passion, love and fire
But you are hearing "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Knowing that one day all who mourn you will be with you once more.

Amen, Christa. She is there basking in the light of His glory and one day soon, we will see her and Him!

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