Thursday, June 17, 2010

CaringBridge site for Megan, Evie, and Holden...

I'm happy to report that Megan's Caringbridge site is up and running and you may now check for updates and praise reports there.  To access it, click this link:

I know the family is so grateful to each of us who are praying, but they need the prayers to continue and the encouragement to be frequent, so let's do it!


  1. Sandy, first I thank God for strong, faithful women like you. With each word and step you take you demonstrate the kind of person God wants us to be.

    Second, thank you for giving Kreig, Megan, Evie Caroline and Holden so much attention on your blogspot! You have been instrumental in reaching so many for prayer!

  2. You inspire me, Sandy! God bless you for all you've done for Kreig, Megan, Evie Caroline and Holden. All the while tenderly caring for your own family.

    Thank you!

  3. What a privilege! I am humbled and grateful for your kinds words and gratitude. And while I know we all know that HE alone is worthy of praise, I appreciate your sweet sentiments and I am rejoicing that He has heard our prayers and is healing these three precious lives!