Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kind Comments and Precious People...

A few very kind people have sent notes and left comments thanking me for posting early information about Megan, Kreig, Evie Caroline and Holden Bell on my blog. I want to assure each of you that I've read your extremely gracious words and I'm humbled by your gratitude...BUT...honestly, it was an honor and a calling to be able to send out a plea for prayers two weeks ago and I am thrilled to know that so many have prayed fervently and faithfully.  Having the ability to stand in the gap for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ is one of the most precious blessings associated with being part of God's family, and how wonderful that we can all celebrate the real and tangible evidence of the miraculous work He's done.

Megan, Kreig, babies...you have touched my heart and continue to inspire me every day!  I pray enormous continued blessings for each of your lives and believe with all my heart that you are going to be used in incredible ways for His glory in the days to come.

1 Thessalonians 5:17~ let's keep praying!

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