Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Megan Update and Praise Report!

After a widespread power outage that has kept me unplugged this afternoon, I was thrilled to hear the hum of lights and the beep of my computer when our energy company restored electricity just now so that I could post this wonderful update from Megan's Mother-in-Law, Donna.  Here is the word straight from her:

God is still in the miracle business, thanks to all your prayers!! Was greeted with a miracle in MS mid- morning!

Megan began waking and stirring this morning. She is still quite groggy but she recognizes family and friends. When she was asked if she wanted to see her babies she smiled and shook her head yes.

During delivery Megan had something occur that we're told by doctors only averages once per year. When it does happen, rarely does the mother survive. During the c-section the amniotic fluid somehow mixed with Megan's blood. As a result, the fluid interfered with the oxygen in Megan's blood and prevented Megan from getting oxygen to her lungs. Immediately after Holden was lifted out Megan stated "my chest hurts," her eyes rolled back in her head and she stopped breathing. Kreig was immediately taken out of the room and work began on Megan.

Megan's day today, Wednesday, is 180 degrees from yesterday! She is still in critical condition but this afternoon the doctor shared that her numbers, percentages and vitals look good. She is sleeping so that her body can heal.

I met Evie Caroline and Holden today. They are beautiful! Evie has long feet like both her parents and lots of dark hair. Each premature baby at their hospital is in a private room with a dedicated, round the clock nurse. Spoke with their doctor and he confirmed a long road, but so far both babies are responding well.

Thank you all for your prayers! Please continue! I love you all!
Bell family, the prayers will continue for your sweet babies and precious Megan!  I know there are tough days of recovery ahead, but I plan to keep praying and believing on your behalves-- and I trust that everyone who reads this will join me.

I also want to send up some serious praise and thanksgiving to The Lord!  Thank you God for hearing the pleas of Your people.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this praise! i have been praying throughout the day as soon as your status was posted on facebook! what great news and what an awesome God we serve!

  2. How awesome is the Lord our God! we all need to be reminded that miracles can and do still happen in the world around us! Pray without ceasing.