Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freedom, Faith and Family!

Yesterday was July 4th, a day that has always been a time for celebrating freedom, faith and family--which brings me to the reason for posting this entry in my blog (a departure from my usual Bible study notes).

(A&L at the 4th of July Parade, eagerly awaiting the candy that is tossed to them! Leslie made the cute "Patriotic" bandana dresses!)

God blessed me with two children, each unique, each precious. They, in turn, have married people that I adore. My son-in-law and daughter-in-law have given us reason to say, "music married into our family".  David's wife, Nichole, is a gifted singer-song writer, and Leslie's husband, Steven, is a talented worship leader and musician.

For this reason, I decided to shamelessly appeal to anyone who reads my blog to keep a couple of "my" kids' latest endeavors in your prayers.  Nichole Broome is about to release her first album of original songs in August and I couldn't be more excited about this project!
                     (Nichole recording at GAT3 studio--Unleash My Heart)

Her music is fresh and inspiring and it chronicles a very personal spiritual journey that has required her to "cast all her cares upon Him".  Moving ballads that are sung from the heart, Nichole's voice is angelic.  (I think I am being totally objective here in spite of my love for her!)  Please consider praying specifically for Nichole as she prepares for her album debut concert on August 12th by asking God to protect her and her family.

Next, my daughter Leslie Grace will soon debut a new blog (she has been working on its concept and format for a while now) to highlight the benefits of living life in mindful awareness of God's grace and provision.  When I named her after my Grandmother Grace, I could never have imagined how fitting the name would be. Nearly every day I discover a new reason to admire her! There are many who aspire to fulfill the scriptural attributes of the woman described in the 31st chapter of Proverbs, but I personally know very few who rival L.G., and I am challenged by her gentle ways and simple obedience daily.
This picture of Leslie with her girls (taken this weekend) is just one example of her ingenuity and frugality.  It's likely to be an example of some of what you'll find when she debuts her blog offering original ideas for clothing kids (among many other topics) as she did here by altering two inexpensive Walmart dresses. I think they are "boutique and unique" with her added touches!

I hope the Independence Day holiday provided opportunities for you to spend time with people you love and find reasons to be grateful for the freedom to worship Jesus and celebrate our liberties as Americans.  For me, it was just an extra special reminder that God has answered so many prayers--even the ones I prayed years and years ago about the people my children would one day marry--and I would be negligent if I didn't take an opportunity to publicly say, "Thank you, Lord!" for all these blessings!

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