Thursday, September 1, 2011

Something Worth Reading...

This morning I had the privilege of reading an objective review of Nichole's project, New Eyes. Reporter/writer Erika Logan masterfully covered the debut concert for Magazine 33.

As her husband's mom, I imagined that writing my opinion about Nichole's music might be perceived as the biased musings of a doting mother-in-law. 

Today, I think I can justify my opinion because of this article--written by a stranger with credentials. I couldn't be happier to share Ms. Logan's interview, and I hope you will pass it along. Enjoy!

Stop by Nichole's new website to hear clips of her songs from the album on the homepage:

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  1. Found this by accident - it happened to be the 'next blog on the list' to my own. Beautiful music and I so empathised with the thought that the songs were written in times of greatest crisis and fear. God is at His best when we are at our wit's end.
    John, Kuwait