Monday, October 3, 2011

One Foot in Quicksand...

It's time to catch up the study notes for my chronological journey through scripture. Picking up where I left off, today's passages are Isaiah 31-34, a period of time that in so many ways mirrors today's headlines. 

Having forgotten the many reasons for trusting in God alone as their source and strength, Isaiah chastised Judah for trusting in Egypt's numerous chariots and mighty horsemen. The very creator of life and breath who had miraculously delivered them from destruction and doom had practically been forgotten--and instead--these people believed that the strength of human armies merited their trust.

Quick to dispel the notion that there was any credence to this fallacy, Isaiah reminded them of God's might and supernatural power that exceeds the strongest horsemen or sturdiest chariot.  I was reminded here of the contrast with Psalm 20:7 which reads: Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.

Just as then, I see us as a people (myself included) forgetting the source of blessing, protection, provision and power.  We lament the conditions of this world and feel defeated. We decry the lack of logic demonstrated by our leaders, failing to remember that we are trusting in humans rather than Almighty God when we look to them for our deliverance, success or survival. I claim to have set apart Christ as Lord, but do my actions, reactions, words and deeds, always reflect that?

The people of Judah had not abandoned their faith entirely, they simply had their feet planted in two places.  One foot was planted on the rock--God, and one on quicksand--Egypt.  It doesn't take someone with super-intellect to figure out that sinking's going to happen in a case like this, does it? Lord, help us remember that you alone are our firm foundation!

Lord, plant both of my feet on the solid rock, permeate my thoughts with your promises, and keep my heart wholly devoted and undivided so that I do not misplace my trust and sink with the masses into the world's mire.  You alone are the one who delivers and rescues.  Thank you and Amen.

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