Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Anyone Who Reads My Blog...

I would love to know a little bit about anyone who actually reads my blog posts.  As you might know, this began as a journal of "thoughts" for my grandchildren and has morphed a little since I started this process.

This morning, it occurs to me that as a result of having an online journal, there are people in the world who "know" me (at least a little about the way I think and my own spiritual journey) that I will never meet.  If you are willing, send me a note and tell me how I can pray for you, where you are in your faith walk, and anything else you'd like to share.  You can email:, or you can leave a comment below.  I am all ears and I am praying for every person who reads my ramblings.



  1. You know who I am :) I miss you and hope we can chat soon! Always praying for you as well! Love ya!

  2. Heather, your text message this morning made me cry. I love those three little munchkins and the munchkin in the oven! (and you and J, too!)

    thanks to all who have emailed, I'm encouraged and eager to hear more about ways I can pray for you in the days ahead. If there is one thing I have learned FIRST HAND, God hears prayers and can move mountains.

  3. hey sandy! you know me too :0)
    thank you for your faith and always pointing us to Jesus!

  4. Alli and Emily, you two are super special to me! Thank YOU for your encouragement. Prayers lifted for your beautiful families.

  5. hi sandy! i love reading your words of encouragment and gaining insight from your wisdom. thanks for sharing so openly!


  6. Thank you Cassie! I hope you will continue to write your insightful parenthood observations and other blog posts, too! Your writing is unique and so refreshing!