Friday, March 16, 2012

A Mighty Fortress...

Recently, my daughter and I have had fun remembering some of the old songs we sang at church many years ago--several silly children's songs with not-so-silly messages ("Lord's Army" anyone) and some packed with powerful  principle ("A Mighty Fortress") but a little challenging to interpret. 

What began as the creation of a "let's teach these forgotten oldies-but-goodies to her little ones," list, turned into a trip down melody memory lane that in some ways has felt reminiscent of an, "I'm going down to the creek just to stick my toes in the water," day, that ended with the discovery of gold in the stream!

I'd love to hear about special songs you remember or plan to teach your children or grandchildren, particularly if you'd be willing to share why the song is important to you.

Here are a few I've rediscovered, but I'm still mining-- so if you have ideas, do share them:

God is so Good

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Nothing but the Blood

Have Thine Own Way Lord

O How He Loves You and Me

Jesus, Name Above All Names

Jesus Loves the Little Children

I Surrender All

Wherever He Leads I'll Go

Blessed Assurance

Lord I Want to Be a Christian

The Joy of the Lord (will be my strength)

Savior, Like a Shepherd

The purpose of this post isn't to begin a dialog or start a debate on the merits or necessity of singing old hymns in modern church services, it's merely to point out that since we don't typically sing them, we have a great opportunity to introduce the children in our lives to melodies with messages that are timeless even if the style is no longer considered current.  Hopefully, when they are old(er) like their Nana~ these truths, like gleaming nuggets of gold, will serve to remind them of a faithful Father, who, "like a shepherd leads" all who place their trust in Him alone for salvation.  so...Praise Him, praise Him...all ye little children...


  1. Thanks for this blog. How sweet it is to remember these songs. My memories go to a little white country church holding summer revival. No air conditioning, with a blazing sermon. Not many people carried a tune probably, but my favorite was Blessed Assurance. Itruly knew that I was saved at that summer revial. Love all those hymns.

  2. Thank you for sharing that! I can see it in my mind and hear it in my heart. just beautiful!