Sunday, March 4, 2012

Relentless for Eli

One day not all that long ago, a young family that I attend church with had their world rocked when their little boy, Eli, was diagnosed with Leukemia.  In the days that have followed, I've grown to admire the Rowe family not just for their unshakeable faith, but for their determination to allow God to turn what has been such a difficult situation into an opportunity to educate and advocate in support of other families who are enduring similar trials.

I have the blessing and privilege of mentoring one of Eli's mom's best friends--Johnna Watson.  Truth be told, Johnna is often more of a mentor to me than I will ever be to her.  She has the deepest desire to serve and give of just about anyone I've met, and she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk.  So when Eli got sick, Johnna got busy.

Today, Johnna is a candidate for the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society's Woman of the Year.  This means she is working really hard to raise money for life-saving research that will eventually lead to a cure for blood cancers, but the campaign time frame is very short--she only has until May 4th! 

May I ask you to do something huge for Johnna and for Eli and his family? Will you watch this short video, pray for Eli and others who are battling these diseases (and their families) and support Johnna's campaign? Eli's Journey, Johnna's Challenge--Video

I cannot imagine a better way to spend a few minutes of your day-- and there are few more worthy ways to invest a dollar than by giving to a cause that may potentially save a life.  Even if you can only contribute the amount you'd spend on a latte at Starbucks your gift will be priceless to the mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, loved-one of a cancer patient.  Thank you.

Campaign Information

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