Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 Looking Up!

9/11/01 - A day that united us as a nation by tragedy, did not wield the power to keep us unified. 

So here we are 14 years removed living in a world filled with violence, hatred, murders and war. Yes, there are glimpses of good stories interspersed between the volumes of disturbing news reports, yet they seem increasingly less dominant. 

Maybe that terrible day, when skin colors were concealed by tower dust and rescuers sacrificed their own lives for strangers, and the world (not just our nation) grieved and denounced the gutless actions of a few insane monsters, we saw a veiled glimpse of heaven's promise.

But today, the wars and rumors of war continue, and the evil in the hearts of men seems ever increasing. CNN reported yesterday that Iran's Ayatollah promises that Israel will not be here in 25 years. When news stories that are reported today were written about 2000+ years ago, it gives pause, doesn't it? 

So, on this somber anniversary, I choose to remember the promise of a new world of peace and I will heed the call to "look up! for our redemption draws near!" Luke 21:28

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