Wednesday, November 18, 2015

sneaky devil...

For days now we've all seen it--hundreds of social media messages about how a true Christian must respond to the immigrant crisis after the Paris attacks.

Some have called for unrestricted admittance for any and all who request asylum, some have called for restricted, closed borders and others have proposed that we carefully vet and then admit refugees into the country.

I've read every post I've seen on all sides of this debate. At this point, I think I have a solution and a discovery that I haven't read elsewhere.

The discovery: our adversary the devil has done something so deviously deceptive we might too easily miss the obvious. He is pitting Christian against Christian. It's brilliant scheme actually, one worthy of  a C.S. Lewis novel.

Men and women we've admired and respected are communicating opposing views on how to proceed. News outlets spout data and quote sources to support their narrative and agendas. Friends post statuses, share stories and make points and counterpoints sometimes contentiously.

Most of us regular people ingest, regurgitate and make up our minds based on who we think is most trustworthy and/or wise and then ascend to our own lofty perch to take our personal, righteous stand. We are all right, the other side is all wrong, and that is that.

But is it? I am not saying that honest disagreement is wrong. I am saying however, that disagreeing the wrong way is wrong. When I forget that my warfare is not against flesh and blood and begin feeling enmity toward a fellow believer because of his or her views, the true enemy celebrates his triumph.

Which brings me to the solution I mentioned earlier. What if we all got down on our literal knees and asked God to forgive and direct us after we confess to Him that we don't deserve one ounce of mercy and after we admit our personal complicity and idolatry? What if?

I can only wonder because I don't think it will happen until we are brought to the end of ourselves. Must horrific tragedy hit closer to home again before we recognize this battle for what it actually is? Will we have to be brought down before we look up? What will it take for us to genuinely humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways?

The privilege of living in this nation has been a gift that most of us are recipients of by providence. But this is not our home. It's our testing ground, our dress rehearsal stage, our temporary abode. When we make it to our forever home we'll all give an account for this life. Will we have faithfully contended for the gospel and obeyed its mandates? Will we have fulfilled the greatest command to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and, Love your neighbor as yourself?" I wonder. I hope. Maranatha.

ADDENDUM: Someone I love very much and who knows where I land on this subject pointed out that what I personally believe to be the prudent and wise response to this crisis may not be evident in this post. I wrote this originally not to share my own opinion about what should be done by our leaders, but because I was burdened last night after a conversation with a young woman who mentioned being troubled by the opinions expressed by a very well known blogger that she has admired and followed and because of so many varied and sometimes angry exchanges on the topic.

The young woman I talked to last evening had the right attitude, she was not angry, she was grieved and disappointed. That is where I find myself today, grieved and disappointed by the enemy's cunning deception and success at pitting us against one another. I want to be certain that nothing I write adds to the confusion or division. I believe there is a right response, and that loving our neighbor is always right, but many opinion pieces seem to have implied that there is only one way love can be expressed and with that assertion I disagree without animosity, but with sincere conviction.

I also wrote this post because at its core, all of these problems boil down to sin for which a personal and collective confession is in order. May God be honored and may we all pray like we never have for His covering, guidance and forgiveness.  Blessings~

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